A Year Later, Google Drive for Linux Still a No Show

No Google Drive

Google Drive, launched April 24th, 2012 was formed from Google Docs as a competitor to Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Ubuntu One. Google Drive currently supports Windows, Mac OSX, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. Support for a standard Linux OS, no.

Here’s what puzzles me. Google Drive is on Android, which runs the Linux kernel. Drive is on Chrome OS, which runs the Linux kernel. Drive is on OSX, a cousin of Linux. Aside from all of that, Google uses Ubuntu Linux internally and is a paying customer for support as well. What is Google Drive being developed on? I’m really bothered at how it can be developed on a Linux computer (I assume) and yet not support it. Why don’t they just release it for Linux?

The Internet’s Response

Since the absence of Linux support was first noticed, people have come together to do their part. A petition was made, unofficial clients were made, and made, yet still nothing. I’ve seen plenty of people ask ‘When will we get it’ whenever the Drive team announces something on Google+, Twitter, etc. The response of “It’s Coming” was acceptable 9 months ago. It was annoying, 5 months ago. At this point, I feel like it’s just a damn lie. Maybe we’ll get it eventually, but maybe we won’t care anymore.

Windows has more users than Linux. I get it. The math makes sense. Supporting Linux gives you more users than not. That math makes sense to me as well. With the upcoming death of Google Reader, and after a year, still no Google Drive for Linux users, I’m starting to feel that Google is just giving a cold shoulder to some of their more productive users. Yes, Google recently held I/O, and through feature after API feature for developers, but until when? They decide to pull the plug on another project?


The Linux community has and does support you. When will you show that you support as back?

You can start by Google Drive support.

You can start by having Google Chrome being install successfully in the latest version of Ubuntu considering it’s no secret when the Ubuntu release dates are.

  • sapien_red

    the last news on Google Drive Linux : 25 march 2013
    *Scott Johnston*
    I’ve been leading Google Drive for over three years now. :)
    Drive for Linux is indeed in progress. We don’t talk publicly about
    release timelines so I can’t provide more detail on that. Thanks for
    your patience!

    bit.ly/gd4l-petition <——- :)

  • https://levlaz.org Lev

    How is this *still* not a thing!?